​​TikTok's Suspicion About Olive Garden's Iconic Deal Was So Right

Olive Garden has been hinting to its customers about a fan-favorite deal returning to restaurants after launching its very own TikTok account. The first video was a series of pasta bowls with the words "something is coming" written on the screen. Then the restaurant posted a video with the caption, "Incoming transmission from @nerdist. What could it mean?" with the words "It's coming back" featured in the video. This was followed by three more videos teasing the deal and TikTok started getting suspicious.

Theories about the teasers started circulating. Although some fans were guessing that certain dishes were making a comeback, others guesses were more on point. The majority guessed that Olive Garden's never-ending pasta bowl was returning. One fan commented, "It's the NEVER-ENDING PASTA BOWL!! I [have] been WAITING for this since 2020!!!" while others went even more specific and guessed, "never ending pasta with a choice of a meat." Though Olive Garden left the theories unanswered, the chain has finally announced what everyone's been waiting for.

The return of never-ending pasta bowls

TikTok always knows what's going on because on September 29, Olive Garden announced their big news via TikTok. Starting October 3, Olive Garden's never-ending pasta bowls have made a comeback after a two-year hiatus. The price is now $13.99 instead of the previous $10.99, with certain toppings costing an extra $4.99 (via The Takeout). This return is definitely a surprise for customers because just about a year ago, the CEO of Olive Garden's parent company said he wasn't sure if the deal was ever coming back because of the "negative impact" on profits (via Business Insider).

But now, Olive Garden has decided to bring the deal back to its restaurants just in time for the 25-year anniversary of the deal. TikTok users were ecstatic about the news, and commented on Olive Garden's video with gusto. Comments like "Where are the pasta passes??" referring to another deal. Olive Garden responded, "We have no details to share at this time. For now, let's decide which combo we're starting with first!" For now, there are no pasta passes.

Everyone else pretty much wrote comments along the lines of "Aghhhh!! Yasssss!!" and, "Seriously can't wait!!!" It's safe to say people are excited not only for the return of a classic deal but for catching onto Olive Garden's hints for the past few days. Now it's time to decide what pastas everyone will be ordering first.