What the Trump kids typically eat in a day

The Trumps have got to be America's most complex first family in recent memory. It was pretty easy to know who was who with the Obama and Bush girls, and of course Chelsea Clinton was a lonely only, but with the Trumps, just how many of them are there? And who goes with which mom? Before we get into the, er, meat and potatoes of this article, or perhaps the champagne and caviar (since they are, after all, billionaire babies), here's a quick primer on who's who in the POTUS posse.

The oldest Trump kiddo, Donald J. Trump Jr., and his full sibs Ivanka and Eric, are the offspring of wife number one, Czechoslovakian fashion model-turned romance writer-turned TV shopping mogul Ivana.. Tiffany is the only child of beauty queen-turned-peace activist and general B-List celeb Marla Maples, and Barron, the baby of the Trump family (28 years younger than his oldest bro), is the sole offspring of the most recent Mrs. T, FLOTUS Melania. So what do the junior members of this blended family eat? Lets' find out. 

​ Donald Trump Jr. is a junk food junkie

Donald Trump Senior has certainly drawn his share of media flak for his well-documented love of fast food, particularly Mickey D's. One person who'd never call him out on this, though, is his own son. Donald Trump Jr., it seems, is also a big fan of the Golden Arches.

While Dad's more a Big Mac or Filet-O-Fish kind of guy, "Donnie," as brother Eric calls him, likes to hit up McDonald's for breakfast. He posted a picture on Instagram of a sausage biscuit with egg he'd just bought and presumably started to consume, and predictably drew some flak of his own for not modeling healthy eating habits. "Breakfast of champions," he called it, but hey, who are we to judge? He's not the Secretary of Health and Human Services, after all, so he's under no obligation to push kale smoothies on the rest of us. In fact, we really appreciate his not doing so, since as a major investor in hydroponic lettuce company Eden Green Technology, he'd probably get even richer if we did all up our kale consumption.

Donald Trump Jr.'s not afraid to try new things

As an international businessman and man of mystery (OK, maybe not so much mystery), Donald Trump Jr. frequently travels the world and participates in social gatherings which expose him to a wide variety of different regional specialties. During one trip to Dubai, he and brother Eric attended several banquets where they ate various types of meat and seafood as well as rice dishes and something Eric describes as "traditional Arabian soups." Although Eric didn't go into any details about what these might be, a lot of Arabic soup recipes tend to be pretty heavily grain-based, so not exactly the typical American-style soup.

One food combination Donald Trump Jr. found unusual enough to tweet about was a breakfast of waffles and kimchi he'd, um, well, not exactly enjoyed several years after that Dubai trip. He professed to liking both of these dishes individually, but didn't seem too enthusiastic about the combination, though at least he'd been game enough to give it a try. Evidently a willingness to make bold food choices runs in the family, since he also shared on Instagram a post about his son Spencer's love for croutons with mustard… As Donald Trump Jr. himself said, "no idea, don't ask?!?!"

But at least Donald Trump Jr.'s family knows their food groups

Scrolling through Donald Trump Jr.'s social media posts, one thing becomes very clear – he's obviously a family man, and one thing he and his family love to do together is eat. He's a good dad, and it's not all junk all the time. They eat plenty of healthy foods like fruit and seafood. When it comes time to celebrate, though, Donald Trump Jr. and family knows how to do it up right. Birthdays are for cake, Easter is for candy, and camping trips are for s'mores, of course.

On Super Bowl Sunday, though, that's when its really time to go all out. On that day, you've got to cover all four party food groups: the all-important wing group, the twin dips guac and queso, and of course, ice cream for dessert. Also, just to fancy things up a bit, what appears to be an uncredited cameo by a plate of assorted cheeses and salami. Now that's a family celebration we'd all like to be part of. Pass the chips, please!

Eric Trump is a meat-and-potatoes man

Eric Trump has professed his great love for steak, which is something he shares with his dad. Eric, though, has not disclosed whether he shares The Donald's preference for steak cooked extra well done or (ew) doused in ketchup. What he has shared, however, are the names of some of his favorite NYC steakhouses. His numero uno is Wolfgang's Steakhouse, which has 19 locations throughout the U.S. and Asia, but both the Gotham Hotel and Midtown East locations are within half a mile of Trump Tower so we're guessing these are the ones he'd be more likely to frequent. He's been known to enjoy family outings to Dad's favorite, the 21 Club, as well. On one notable occasion, Eric, along with his brother, joined the POTUS-to-be and other members of his transition team in momentarily ditching the press pool to sneak off to this Manhattan eatery for a post-election celebration sans paparazzi.

Eric Trump also loves his granny's Slavic cooking

Of all of Ivana's kids, Eric is the one who seems to have the fondest memories of his grandmother's Czechoslovakian home cooking. What with Ivana's generous divorce settlement, it seems she was able to fly Bubby Zelnickova over for frequent visits, during which Bubby would whip up chicken paprika, goulash, sauerkraut, thick, creamy soups and all those other "great Slavic meals, all laden with cream cheese and sour cream and heavy cream." Although Eric admitted these meals were basically "a heart attack in a pot," he still found them sufficiently crave-worthy enough that he learned to cook them for himself, and would even make them for his roommates when he was a student at Georgetown University.

If you, too, would like to eat like a Trump, Eric and his sister Ivanka shared two of Bubby's special recipes with the New York Daily News for a special Mother's Day article. These recipes are for chicken paprikash, a creamy, paprika-spiced chicken dish served over noodles, and for traditional Czechoslovakian strawberry dumplings which are served with sweetened farmer's cheese. As a bonus, you also get an eggplant Parmesan recipe from ex-Trump in-law Vanessa.

​Ivanka Trump keeps it kosher

Although first First Daughter Ivanka Trump was raised as a Presbyterian, a faith her grandmother (President Trump's mom Maryanne) brought over with her from Scotland, she converted to Judaism in order to marry Jared Kushner. Not only is Ivanka raising the first Orthodox Jewish presidential grandkids, but she's also keeping kosher.

Well, at least she's trying. Perhaps not strictly kosher, though, according to ultra-observant Orthodox practice. She's been spotted out and about in DC dining at restaurants including trendy upscale Italian eateries Tosca and RPM Italian, gourmet diner Open City and steakhouse BLT Prime (at this last-named spot as a guest of Daddy Donald), none of which made the Rabbinical Council's list of kosher restaurants in the DC area. 

Hardcore Orthodox Jews would never patronize a restaurant that does not have Rabbinical Council approval, since non-kosher-certified restaurants likely would not keep the meat and dairy separate, nor would all of their meat have been butchered according to kosher methods. Sadly, the DC area's kosher options are pretty limited, and most of the kosher-certified restaurants are out in the 'burbs as well, so not the kind of places a power couple like Jared and Ivanka are going to be hanging out. Still, if Ivanka avoids eating meat (which she also claims she tries to do), she may be able to navigate her way through these non-approved restaurant menus in a relatively kosher-ish manner.

Ivanka Trump applies efficiency principles to family breakfast time

Ivanka Trump one woman who knows how to do it all: from fashion model, to fashion designer, to reality TV star, to author to presidential adviser, seriously, what doesn't she do? Oh yes, let's not forget supermom, and also efficiency expert, which, of course, she'd need to be in order to get everything done with the same 24 hours a day the rest of us get (and manage to do a lot less with).

Mommy mogul Ivanka Trump actually credits motherhood with increasing her already-awesome powers of efficiency. She even created a morning breakfast routine based on a phenomena she'd read about called "decision fatigue," meaning the fact that having too many decisions to make can wear you down and cause you to act irrationally. Not wanting to start the day with cranky kids — and who could possibly blame her? — Ivanka decided to streamline her offspring's breakfast options by offering them just two choices: oatmeal or yogurt with berries. Quick, easy, nutritious (natch), and, what's more, the kids even seem to like it, judging from their (somewhat) smiley faces. We're guessing, though, that Ivanka probably Tivos any kids' shows they may get to watch, skipping all the cereal commercials so they'll never find out what they're missing.

Tiffany Trump loves seafood and salads, but sometimes splurges

Tiffany Trump, millennial that she is, is no stranger to the food selfie. Her Instagram feed over the years has showcased any number of tasty treats, giving us a pretty good insight into just what types of food she enjoys eating. For the most part, she seems to be keeping things pretty healthy, the better to maintain her fashion model figure. She's proclaimed to be living "that salad life," and also seems to be quite a fan of seafood, posting pics of sushi, oysters, and even fish eggs (since, you know, eating caviar is probably de rigueur for rich kids).

From time to time, though, Tiff will splurge on calories a bit, and she's obviously still got the metabolism that lets her indulge. She does love her desserts, especially ice cream. What's more, while in college Tiffany admits to having consumed her share of dorm-room pizza as a study aide — so, caviar aside, she's still at least somewhat relatable.

Tiffany Trump enjoys eating ethnic

Tiffany Trump is actually Donald's most All-American kid, since her mother, Marla Maples, was the only one of his three wives to have been born in the United States. Despite, or perhaps because of, her monocultural upbringing, Tiffany's eating habits embrace diversity in all its delicious flavors.

With her (sort of) vegan mom, Marla, Tiffany dined on the meatless "impossible taco" at the Midtown Manhattan Taco Dumbo. With a law school friend, she enjoyed the "modern Indian" cuisine of DC's Rasika. More recently, she had a date night with her new boyfriend, billionaire businessman Michael Boulos, at London hot spot Novikov Restaurant and Bar. This Russian-owned restaurant is an intriguing mashup of Italian and pan-Asian, a combination sure to appeal to adventurous eater Tiff. No word as to which side of the menu she ordered from, but she has, in the past, admitted that one of her "fav" dishes is a simple yet elegant Italian salad composed of fresh tomatoes and creamy burrata cheese.

When Barron Trump was little he ate typical toddler fare

Although Barron Trump, the youngest Trumpling, is living in a fishbowl now as the White House's latest child-in-residence (or young man-in-residence, as he'd probably prefer it now that he's a teen), in his younger days he was able to fly below the radar a bit more and enjoy a more-or-less normal childhood, at least as normal as any billionaire baby's can be. Doting mom Melania tried to give him the kind of childhood she herself could probably never have dreamed of when she was growing up as a factory-worker's daughter in Slovenia.

At age 2, baby Barron enjoyed lollipops and ice cream, and attended parties where he got to feast on burgers and fries and decorate his own cupcakes. When he turned 4, his birthday party featured chicken nuggets and pizza and a chocolate-and-vanilla cake shaped like an airplane. It all sounds pretty normal so far, doesn't it? Well, at least until you get to the fact that his airplane cake had, in fact, been modeled after daddy's private jet. That's not exactly something every preschooler can boast about.

An older Barron Trump preferred pasta to pizza

While Melania's done her best to protect Barron from the press corps piranhas, every once in a while the two of them do get caught up in the feeding frenzy. One such occasion happened when the two of them were still living in New York, before they'd moved down to join Donald Trump in DC. Barron had a day off from school for parent-teacher conferences, so he and mom went out for lunch together. Just the two of them, plus their Secret Service detail. The restaurant they chose to eat at was Serafina, a trendy Italian chain known for celeb sightings, so perhaps not as out of the public eye as if they'd hit up the drive-through at Wendy's. Still, a Trump's gotta eat, and sometimes even a Baconator's not gonna cut it.

So what did Melania and son dine on that day? According to TMZ, Melania had the tomato, mozzarella and prosciutto-topped Di Fabio pizza. Barron, having evidently outgrown his 4-year-old preference for pizza, ordered some unspecified type of pasta. No word on whether the Secret Service agents got so much as a doggy bag.

Barron Trump's school lunches go way beyond soggy succotash and tepid tater tots

Ever since Barron Trump relocated from NYC to DC to move into his new digs at 1600 Pennsylvania, he's been attending school at St. Andrew's Episcopal. If you're wondering what the tuition might run you at this day school in ritzy Potomac, Maryland, it's a modest $40,975 per year for middle school, although this will jump up to $43,275 when Barron enters ninth grade. Well, does that $40K+ at least include lunch, you may be wondering? Why, of course it does

So what are they serving up at St. Andrew's anyway? Surely it's not the soggy, inedible mystery meat we all remember so fondly from our school cafeteria days. Since it's summertime at the time of this article, the link to the online lunch menu isn't too informative. From St. Andrews' own description, however, their school lunch consists of an "amazing, nutritionally balanced array of options including a hot entree, a vegetarian entree, salad bar, sandwich bar, pasta bar, soup bar, and beverages," with gluten- and nut-free options available as well. The website of Sage Dining Services, the school's caterer, features numerous photos of what looks suspiciously like… real, actual, edible food. Go figure. So, we're going to go out on a limb here and say mystery meat is probably not on Barron Trump's school lunch menu.

What the Trump kids eat on holidays

Just like the rest of us, the Trump clan likes to get everyone together to celebrate holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas with great big family meals. And just like the rest of us, their festive menus tend to feature turkey and all the trimmings. Where the Trump family part company with us non-bazillionaires, however, is when it comes to a) the venue, since the Mar-a-Lago Club is hardly your granny's dining room, and b) everything else on the menu, since it reads like an actual restaurant menu — a very pricey restaurant, at that.

For Christmas 2017, the Trump family dinner featured four salad or soup options, followed by char-crusted filet mignon and seared foie gras, braised short ribs, pan-seared sea bass and diver scallops, and oh yeah, turkey. For dessert there was stale fruitcake and leftover cookies…jk. They actually had piña colada crème brulée, cheesecake, bread pudding,Trump chocolate cake, and something called black forest trifle martini, although whether this was a drink or something to be eaten with a fork or spoon was not revealed.

Thanksgiving 2018 was equally over the top, featuring deviled eggs, duck prosciutto and melon for starters, along with a chilled seafood bar featuring Florida stone crab, oysters, jumbo shrimp, and clams. The main course consisted of beef tenderloin, lamb, salmon, Chilean sea bass, red snapper, braised short ribs, and, of course, turkey. No word on dessert, though. Must have been a state secret.

What the Trump kids eat when they dine with heads of state

At the first state dinner Donald Trump hosted, held in April 2018, he did have one of his kids present — Ivanka, there as the plus-one of senior White House adviser hubby Jared. At this dinner, held in honor of French president Emmanuel Macron, the appetizer was a salad of greens grown in the White House kitchen garden and served with goat cheese gateau, tomato jam and biscuit crumbles. The main course was rack of lamb accompanied (somewhat oddly) by jambalaya, and for dessert they had nectarine tart with ice cream.

In May 2019, Trump took all of his kids except Barron along with him to a state dinner held at Buckingham Palace. There they dined on steamed filet of halibut, watercress mousse, saddle of lamb, carrot and tarragon timbale, summer vegetables, pommes (potatoes) Elizabeth, and shortbread-crusted strawberry tart with verbena cream.

On the final evening of his UK visit, President Trump hosted a dinner for Prince Charles and Camilla at the U.S. Ambassador's residence, and Ivanka was again in attendance as the designated banquet-attendee of the Trump bunch. The menu for this shindig was somewhat simpler than the one dished up by Buckingham palace: burrata salad (Tiffany's fave!), steak and potatoes (Eric would have liked that) and berries with ice cream. While POTUS drew a lot of flak from the mainstream press for the menu's simplicity, it's certainly not something we'd turn up our noses at.