The Pokémon Pop-Tarts Collab You Probably Forgot Existed

The Pop-Tarts brand has long been lauded for their innovation and expertise in creating fun flavors and fillings. As any brand with unique flavors knows, you've truly made it when you've been ranked, and Thrillist and many others have made Pop-Tarts a part of the club, crowning Chocolate Chip flavored Pop-Tarts king last year. The kid-tested and approved treat also adds collaborations with popular brands to its accolades. 

This includes everything from its most recent collab with Eggo for a Frosted Maple flavored Pop-Tart to its ice cream theme in conjunction with Good Humor (via Delish), and even its recent release of a Spiderman inspired berry option a few years back (via Cerealously). There are so many, in fact, that some older collaborations may have been forgotten by fans. Case in point, did you know that many years ago Pop-Tarts collaborated with Pokémon to create themed pastry treats?

Pokémon and Pop-Tarts made these delicious treats

Turns out some fans didn't even know the food collab happened. A small group on Reddit posted about the partnership, although some do note that they don't even remember it having existed. But fear not, because another site they probably are unaware of has it covered. Sites like MyRecipes reported on them and reminded fans of Pokémon years gone by and a time when the brand was pretty much all over. 

In a round-up of some themed nostalgic breakfasts, Pokéberry Pop-Tarts had to be included, and even better, the outlet notes that some of them even came with collectable figures of "Polywhirl, Charmander, and Clefable." Bulbapedia, a Pokémon wiki, describes the flavors in greater detail, noting that the one version of Pop-Tarts came in a 12 pack with "wild cherry" flavoring and yellow frosting akin to the color of Pikachu with the image of other Pokémon featured in sprinkles, while the second iteration came with a "Poké Berry" flavoring, blue frosting and a Poké Ball made of sprinkles. These are the ones that came with the figurines included too. Isn't nostalgia great?