TikTok Had A Strong Reaction To Shark Tank's Banana Loca Kitchen Gadget

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Few places are as rife with opinions as the TikTok comment section, a forum of strong reactions. Banana Loca, a company made famous by the popular TV show "Shark Tank," is experiencing the storm of 2,919 comments, and counting.

The popular TikTok account, @ourfavoritefinds, performs reviews of various gadgets and posted one about Banana Loca, which is a tool used for coring and stuffing bananas with a filling of your choice. The video details how the product works. Essentially, you jab a stick through the middle of a banana, which cores and straightens out the fruit. Then, fill the Banana Loca gadget with Nutella, or some other tasty ingredient like peanut butter, and press down on a lever to inject it all the way through the center.

The person trying out the product in the TikTok video says "this product is amazing." But the Banana Loca failed to impress nearly every other commenter who had something to say about the product, including "That looks like the thing I need the least in my life.. ever." The reaction was so strong that you would think the kitchen gadget had landed on the worst food trends we ever saw on TikTok.

TikTok is not crazy over of the Banana Loca gadget

The Banana Loca did not wow many TikTokers. "They invested into a product that solves a problem that really isn't a problem/a problem worth solving," one commented. Another threw shade at the judges. "They really invested in this waste of money," the user wrote, referring to Kevin O'Leary and Mark Cuban's stake in the company.

The Banana Loca gadget retails for $28.99 on Amazon, where reviews don't get much better. "The amount of time you spend filling the banana then cleaning this item you could have grown your own banana! I prefer the spoon full of Nutella in one hand and banana in the other," one reviewer wrote.

The success of a product is often helped along by the reception from popular social media sites, like TikTok, where items like miracle paste for cleaning tough kitchen messes are raved about, prompting viewers to snag one. Although it might seem like the success of Banana Loca would be derailed by the overwhelmingly negative commentary, that's not necessarily the case. Tens of thousands of orders were shipped out after the episode of "Shark Tank" aired on December 17, and the Philadelphia Business Journal reports that orders have increased by more than four times what was expected. 

While there seems to be some success behind this tool, one TikToker sums up what many of us are really thinking, "Can you post a TikTok showing how easy it is to clean this amazing product?"