Instagram Is On The Hunt For A Returning Seasonal Favorite From Pillsbury

The winter holidays may have passed, but this Pillsbury favorite has already made its yearly return. In an Instagram post by the popular account @candyhunting, it was revealed that the peaches & cream cinnamon rolls are back in stores.

Users are already going wild over the return of this puff pastry in the comments, which disclosed that the item was found at Hy-vee, a supermarket chain based in the Midwest." Omg gotta find these," wrote one fan while another raved, "These are the bomb dot com."

However, as stated by the original poster, it might be a challenge to find this item this year, as there are supply chain and distribution issues with other Pillsbury products. Concurring, one commenter expressed that they haven't been able to find another product of the brand in stores. One Instagram user wrote, "Are they discontinuing the orange cinnamon rolls?!? I haven't been able to find them anywhere."

Pillsbury Peaches & Cream Cinnamon Rolls have been a favorite since 2020

If you're unfamiliar with this seasonal Pillsbury favorite that you can serve with breakfast, they've been a fan favorite for a long time. The Peaches & Cream Cinamon rolls were released in 2020 and have gained a huge following in the South (via Southern Living). They first made an appearance around the start of spring, and their fruity and cinnamon flavor makes them perfect as the colder months come to an end. These Grands can be described as a much-needed warm hug.

The peaches & cream flavor pops in the icing, which is decadent and fruity. Combined with the classic cinnamon roll of Pillsbury dough, they're a unique twist on an original favorite. Junk Banter likens them to "Peach Cobbler Rolls," and enjoys how, unlike other limited-edition Pillsbury rolls, they maintain their cinnamon flavor.

They come in packs of five and are pre-made, so they're extremely easy to make for breakfast or as a snack. They're also labeled as "Grands!," making them perfect to share as we approach the springtime. And if you do happen to find some, perhaps you might want to stock up like one user did last year who commented on the Instagram post, "I still have some I bought last Spring."