Duff Goldman's Alice In Wonderland Cake Is Turning Heads

Duff Goldman has us feeling late for a very important date with his latest cake creation. He has created some amazing cakes over the years. The celebrity cake that he is most proud of took the form of R2-D2 as an homage to the droid's "Star Wars" creator. Fans might admire the Harry Potter-themed cake that came complete with lights and fog (via Food Network) or the interesting cakes he had at his wedding, which included a meaty creation made with meatballs, meatloaf, lamb shawarma, and mashed potatoes, per People. The former "Ace of Cakes" host knows presentation is everything, and his cakes definitely deliver. Maybe that's why he was selected to make President Obama's 2013 inauguration cake, which per the Baltimore Sun, was six tiers of patriotic imagery and confection, fit for the leader of the United States.

But while we love a good red, white, and blue dessert, it's Goldman's cake of the week creation that will have you smiling like a Cheshire Cat at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party while yelling, "Off with their heads!" in the same breath. The Charm City Cake bakery owner took to Instagram to share a picture of a cake based on the iconic Lewis Carroll story, "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland," and fans cannot contain their enthusiasm.

A very merry un-birthday!

Duff Goldman shared a photo on social media of an elaborate "Alice in Wonderland"-themed cake that features a classic three-of-hearts card as the base. On top of this playing card sets a teacup full of Alice and the story's caterpillar, along with the white rabbit and his pocket watch, and Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. A message reads, "Happy Un-Birthday Mallory!" harkening back to Disney's animated adaptation of this book. We don't know who Mallory is, but her cake is like a dreamy fairy tale! Instagram users rained praise, and some wished they could have such a dessert for their own un-birthdays.

This isn't the first time, Goldman fans have seen this literary-themed cake. Charm City Cakes posted a photo of it at the end of May and fans were quick to reveal that they couldn't eat it. One wrote, "I wouldn't be able to eat this. I would shellac it and keep it forever!" While another suggested, "Josephine has changed you into a better man! Girls are so much more fun than boys!"

It's also not the first time, Goldman has been inspired by Alice and her Wonderland friends. According to the Food Network website, on an episode of "Buddy vs. Duff" where Goldman and Buddy Valastro faced off to make fairy tale-inspired cakes, Goldman's muse was once none other than "Alice in Wonderland."