The Internet Is Bullying Gordon Ramsay Over His Restaurant's Burgers

The internet is a tough place for anyone. That includes the acerbic chef Gordon Ramsay, the star of "Hell's Kitchen" and "Kitchen Nightmares." Ramsay is known for flying into a rage, abusing his staff, and spitting out such gems of hope as "I've never, ever, ever, ever, ever met someone I believe in as little as you," and "Chefs are nutters. They're all self-obsessed, delicate, dainty, insecure little souls, and absolute psychopaths," (via Scary Mommy). Though, these days he's on the receiving end of a lot of verbal punishment from those who are as disappointed in his food as he is in the meals his staff cooks up.

For as big as chef Ramsay can talk, even he can be laid low when going up against the combined baleful judgment that can come out of the world wide web. For as brutal as his critiques are, the meme maestros and the savage trolls that lurk around the fringes of the online world are crueler by far. They've now taken aim at a video he posted of a hamburger being made at one of his restaurants and the flame war has reached thermonuclear proportions.

Gordon Ramsay can't make a simple hamburger correctly, according to social media

When the fine denizens of the internet saw how the controversial cook Ramsay constructed a basic hamburger, they quickly became incensed. Though the burger Ramsay was making was a basic setup, using toppings like cheese, pickles, lettuce, onion, and tomato, people quickly found fault with how he was putting it together.

"TOPPINGS go on TOP of the burger, they aren't BOTTOMINGS," said one Twitter attacker. Another was baffled by what Ramsay was using to adorn his meat patty. "I always find it weird when people put tomato and ketchup both on a burger. Choose one form of tomato per burger, y'all," said the tomato purist.

On Instagram, the same burger-building video had a few people scolding the chef for his presentation. "A Big Mac from McDonald's looks nicer then that," offered one unimpressed burger aficionado. Some people attacked the chef for supporting the meat industry, which the University of Michigan claims is a major contributor of greenhouse gasses. "That calf could've easily been replaced by a big fat delicious Portobello mushroom covered in that same melted cheese," said one proponent of vegetarian foods.

There were a few supporters of Ramsay who offered up enthusiastic input such as "Yummy perfection." However, the consensus overall was that the burger wasn't his finest dish.