Instagram Has High Hopes For Crumbl Cookies' Latest Creation

It's all about breakfast this week at Crumbl Cookies. Among the chain's themed flavors for September 5-10 are two returning favorites: iced oatmeal (a cinnamon oatmeal cookie with a vanilla cream cheese glaze) and a Fruity Pebbles creation that starts with a cereal milk sugar cookie and ends with a "milky glaze" and sprinkling of Fruity Pebbles

There's also a brand-new, pretty unusual cookie that the brand says is "pushing the boundaries of savory and sweet." Called the Almost Everything Bagel, the "mellow cookie," which we'll take to mean moderately sweet, is rolled in salty seeds and topped with softened cream cheese.

This isn't the first time Crumbl has done breakfast week. Around this time last year, the Utah-based chain sold cookies for breakfast with a collection of waffle, old-fashioned donut, banana bread, and Fruity Pebbles flavored treats (via Twitter). Several Facebook users named the waffle flavor — which had a criss-cross design and came with maple syrup and buttercream frosting — as their favorite. This year, Crumbl seems to be drawing inspiration from its popular waffle cookie by one-upping it with a different breakfast creation that marks a new concept for the chain: the square-shaped cookie.

French Toast is Crumbl's first-ever square cookie

This week's french toast cookie is "just like grandpa makes," as Crumbl describes its "buttery, fluffy cookie topped with cinnamon egg wash, buttercream, a sweet syrup drizzle, and a sprinkle of powdered sugar." On an Instagram post about the menu item, Crumbl stressed to commenters that this marks the chain's first time serving a square-shaped cookie. Not only does the dessert look a lot like french toast with its bready pores and obligatory toppings, but it's also served warm. According to commenters who have already tried it, it even tastes "just like French toast," too.

"Literally was just eating this and was laughing the entire time because it was so good," said another happy reviewer, while a different user said it's a test of willpower: "I only wanted to taste just a bite and ate the whole thing in 8.9 seconds!" One summed it up as "the BEST flavor this week." What do people find so special about the french toast cookie? One person said they "LOVE the texture," which another commenter described as "so fluffy and light," and someone else said the "buttercream on top is pure *chefs kiss.*"

Others Instagrammers were happier to see the theme of breakfast in general, citing their relief about Fruity Pebbles' return and curiosity about the everything bagel cookie. "Alright you guys breakfast is the most important meal of the day so I'll see you guys at 8am sharp," one commenter instructed fellow followers. Another had a suggestion for Crumbl, telling them to "throw in pancake and waffle too don't be shy."