Michelle Gude

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University Of Houston
Food Culture, Restaurants
  • At Mashed, Michelle is a food writer reporting on topics spanning from food culture to memorable restaurants, innovative chefs, and more.
  • She writes stories highlighting businesses manned by both marginalized communities and big-name chefs. From unknown cooks to food artists, and small business owners; Michelle aims on creating an outlet for these individuals to have their names heard, restaurants known, and tables packed to the brim.
  • With every article, she illustrates important narratives about how food continues to shape our understanding of the world, people, and communities around us.


Michelle Gude is a writer based on the Gulf Coast. Prior to joining the editorial space; she worked as a freelance copywriter, marketer, and ghostwriter. Her editorial expertise lies in her ability to write in a voice that's inviting, meaningful, empathetic, and at times, witty and humorous.


Michelle has a B.F.A. in Fine Arts and a minor in English and Creative Writing from the University of Houston.
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