Ice cream sandwiches


10 Grocery Store Ice Cream Products That Aren't Really Ice Cream
1. Blue Bunny
Blue Bunny describes their Simply Vanilla Sandwiches as "vanilla with other natural flavors frozen dairy dessert layered between two chocolately wafers."
Ingredients include skim milk, whey, sugar, buttermilk, cream, cellulose gum, coconut oil, and carrageenan. At least they won't melt as fast as real ice cream does.
2. Nestlé Drumstick
Nestlé Drumstick Vanilla Sundae Cone may look filled with chocolate-covered ice cream, but it’s a frozen dairy dessert, and there’s no real vanilla.
The first ingredient is dairy product solids, which are what are left over after removing protein, lactose, and minerals from milk. They are safe to eat and are used in many foods.
3. Ben & Jerry's
Ben & Jerry's is known for its premium ice cream, however, they also offer non-dairy flavors that are a decadent treat for vegans and the lactose-intolerant.
Because these are made with oat milk, almond milk, and sunflower butter bases, they do not meet the FDA's standards to be labeled as ice cream.
4. Good Humor Bars
Good Humor’s Original Ice Cream and Creamsicle bars are made of ice cream, but other flavors are not true ice cream, but frozen desserts.
The company describes the Strawberry Shortcake as a "creamy strawberry and vanilla dessert bar, made with our famous signature cake coating.”
5. Halo Top Fruit Pops
If you're craving a dairy-free frozen dessert, Halo Top Ice Cream Fruit Pops are made with real fruit juice and boast 40 to 60% less sugar.
They come in flavors of strawberry, lime, raspberry, coconut, and mango, and are lower in calories, ranging from 30 to 90 calories per bar.