A bird's eye view of a food court mall


12 Popular Mall Food Court Restaurants That No Longer Exist
Hot Sam Pretzels
Opened in the mid-1960s, this chain had 175 locations at the height of its popularity. In 2005, the remaining Hot Sam restaurants were turned into Pretzel Times.
Harvest House Cafeteria
In the 1960s, Woolworth's opened Harvest House Cafeterias in shopping malls, making them a precursor to the modern food court.
Kenny Rogers Roasters
Opened in 1991, this fast-food roasted chicken joint grew to a whopping 350 restaurants by the mid-to-late 1990s but filed for bankruptcy in 1998.
This joint began in 1991 and grew to 350 restaurants by the mid-to-late 1990s. By 2019, there were almost no locations, and today they mostly sell online.
Morrison's Cafeteria
Morrison’s first opened in the 1920s in Mobile, Alabama, and grew to have over 150 spots. As malls dwindled, so did Morrison's locations.