Golden brown roasted artisan turkey sausages in a baking tray, Newport, Wales, 2010

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13 Frozen Sausage Brands Ranked From Worst To Best
13. Banquet
While Banquet is one of the more prominent names in frozen breakfast sausage, some critics note a textural issue. One reviewer said the patties are also notoriously too small, and it has shrunk to almost half the original size.
12. Whole Foods 365
The brand gave frozen breakfast a shot with its classic breakfast sausage, which comes in a pork and maple flavor. Although it's fully cooked and ready to heat and serve, the sausage dries out during the cooking process, making these pretty unenjoyable.
11. Jimmy Dean
Jimmy Dean's Heat 'n Serve sausages come in the form of either patties or links, and the brand also produces turkey links for a lighter option. Although it tastes good, the sausages are not for the health-conscious, as one package contains 200 calories, with 180 calories coming from fat.
10. Applegate
Applegate's frozen breakfast sausages have different flavors, and although it's nice to have such an assortment across the range, there are some hits and some definite misses. According to reviews, the chicken & sage breakfast patties are a win, while the chicken & apple isn't quite so successful.
9. MorningStar Farms
MorningStar Farms' plant-based sausages are healthy compared to the meat ones, but one reviewer said the original patties taste dry and unflavorful. Meanwhile, another reviewer liked the hot and spicy one and recommended popping the patties in an air fryer for the ideal final texture.