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14 Canned Tomato Brands, Ranked Worst To Best

14. Hunt's

With a sodium content that would make a Pufferfish pucker, this one had us reaching for a palate cleanser before you can say "salt lick." Pair that with a consistency that was far too thin and watery, and this sauce is just a complete fail.

13. Contadina

We sampled the whole peeled tomatoes and found them overly and artificially sweet, bobbing about in a dark pool of a sauce that is muddied with an aroma of chemicals. The color and smell were so off-putting that we had to double check the expiration date to make sure they hadn’t gone bad.

12. 365 (Whole Foods)

The tomatoes seemed hastily canned, with an uneven dice and poorly peeled product, and the flavor was quite sour, lacking the juiciness that one looks for in a tomato product. The tomatoes held a metallic and acidic flavor, even after cooking.

11. Great Value

This Walmart brand of diced tomatoes failed in every area we tested — flavor, texture, saltiness, and acidity content, and they’re quite watery to boot. Put very simply, every part fell flat.

10. Happy Harvest

We tried Aldi’s house brand of diced tomatoes, Happy Harvest, and we were not impressed with their lifeless and dirty flavor. In addition, the pieces were uneven and sloppily diced, and the sauce was both too thin and too dull.

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