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15 Discontinued Cookies You'll Never Eat Again
Oreo Big Stuf cookies
The Big Stuf didn't hit the spot, and it was discontinued after about seven years on the market. It's not 100% clear why the giant cookie didn't last longer, but Fast Company's Sandie Glass surmises it might have been too big for kids' appetites.
Juliettes Girl Scout cookies
The first iteration of the Juliettes lasted from 1984 to 1985, but they were not long for this world. They made a shocking comeback in 1993 as a completely reimagined cookie and this version of the Juliettes lasted slightly longer, until 1996.
Keebler Magic Middles
It's unclear why Keebler quietly discontinued these cookies, and the company has been pretty mum on the topic. Keebler supposedly phased them out to use the equipment for a different product, but this may remain one of life's great mysteries.
Savannah Smiles Girl Scout cookies
The Savannah Smiles cookies contained lemon chips to give them a bold lemon flavor and were coated in powdered sugar. Sadly, these delicious-sounding cookies were discontinued in 2019.
Nabisco Giggles
It's unclear exactly why these cookies faded into oblivion in the '90s. But the fact that they were popular despite ads that featured children laughing in a terrifying and maniacal way explains how good these vanilla and chocolate sandwich cookies must have been.