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16 Jack Daniel's Whiskey Bottles, Ranked From Worst To Best

Jack Daniel’s No. 27 Gold goes through careful manufacturing processes twice to get its signature, high-quality gold color. However, No. 27 Gold is near-impossible to find, only available at select duty-free retailers for prices of $100 or more.

16. No. 27 Gold

Officially called Jack Daniel's Single Barrel 100 Proof Bottled in Bond, this whiskey has a deep, intense, and rich flavor, and it’s unfortunately only available at airports. Costing around $100, the flavor seems to not be for everyone, with some reviewers calling it overly sweet.

15. Single Barrel 100 Proof

A blend of Jack Daniel's No.7 and real cinnamon liquor, Tennessee Fire is readily available in stores for $20, but the cinnamon flavor isn’t for everyone. Comparable to Fireball Whiskey, Tennessee Fire seems to work better in cocktails and with mixers.

14. Tennessee Fire

Tennessee Apple, also called Apple Jack, has notes of caramel and apple candy that work great in apple martinis, and it only costs $20. However, many reviewers have given bad ratings for its “cloying taste of sugar and apple candy” that “sits much, much too long” in the mouth.

13. Tennessee Apple

One of the first new recipes in 150 years, Jack Daniel's Tennessee Straight Rye follows the same charcoal mellowing process as No. 27 Gold. Despite that, it has none of the traditional notes of rye whiskey, and “[smelling] and [tasting] like young, cheap, and watered-down whiskey," according to The Whiskey Shelf.

12. Tennessee Straight Rye