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16 Popular Soy Sauce Brands, Ranked From Worst To Best
16. La Choy
Unlike most soy sauces, La Choy is made with hydrolyzed soy protein, chemically made "soy" that isn't naturally brewed, corn syrup, and caramel color. According to a Mashed poll, over 29% picked La Choy as the worst against brands like Kimlan, Kikkoman, and Lee Kum Kee.
15. Market Pantry
Target's private brand, Market Pantry, offers a regular soy sauce and a low-sodium option, at less than $2 for 15oz. Reviews on Target's website gave the soy sauce an average of 2.8 out of 5 on taste, with many people saying that it lacked complexity and left their fridge smelling awful.
14. Trader Joe's
On Amazon, the Trader Joe's soy sauce has only 13 reviews and an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars, with one review saying it is the best, natural Japanese- style soy sauce that is low in sodium while still having lots of flavors. The sauce is versatile, cheap, and comes in a 3-pack.
13. Yamasa
Yamasa is a blended soy sauce mixed with additives, like molasses, that modify the overall taste and texture, as opposed to a brewed soy sauce. Yamasa has been considered one-note with a crisp, sharp flavor, and drinking it straight resembled the same mouth-feel akin to wine.
12. Mother's Best
In a taste test from Pepper reviewing soy sauces like Datu Puti and Silver Swan, they deemed Mother's Best the best, since the strong citrus was able to add freshness and help balance the saltiness. It's not versatile enough for other dishes but is superior for enhancing Filipino cuisine.