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41 Of The 50 Drunkest Counties In The US Are In This State
It's no secret that many Americans enjoy drinking alcohol to unwind after a hard day's work or to complement a meal, and this practice has become profoundly ingrained in American culture. However, here’s the state whose residents like to drink more heavily than the rest of America.
Wisconsin, sometimes known as "Brew City," has the highest rate of binge-drinking adults in the nation, with 82% of the top 50 most intoxicated counties located there. Of the 41 Wisconsin counties, Outagamie County ranks the drunkest with 31% of adults binge drinking or drinking heavily.
County Health Rankings & Roadmaps came to this conclusion by surveying and identifying the U.S. counties with the highest excessive drinking rates where one in four adults drinks excessively. Depending on gender, heavy drinkers consume more than one to two drinks daily, while binge drinkers consume more than four to five drinks on a single occasion.