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43% Agree These 2 Chain Restaurants Have The Worst Quality Seafood

Plenty of casual dining establishments have seafood options, but they are not all created equal. We conducted a survey of 594 people to determine which chain restaurants had the worst quality seafood.

It ended up being a tie between Applebee’s and Cracker Barrel, with both garnering 21.55% of the overall vote. Cracker Barrel's efforts toward its Friday Fish Fry and Farm-Raised Catfish aren't getting a lot of love, and Applebee's big conversion to wood-fired grills in 2016 did its seafood menu no favors.

Both restaurants are wildly popular and hugely successful in the United States, but it seems as if most patrons enjoy other items more. Rounding out the poll were Chili's (15.66%), TGI Friday's (12.79%), and Outback Steakhouse (9.26%).

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