Rustic homemade rock cakes in a rustic home kitchen setting, Newport, Wales, 2010

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5 Best Cookie Recipes To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth
Chocolate Chip Cookies
These classically delicious cookies are soft but chewy, lightly crisped around the edges, and feature plenty of indulgent chocolate chips. If there's one cookie recipe absolutely everyone should master, it's this one.
No-Bake Oatmeal Cookies
Cookies you can have as a breakfast or dessert? Sign us up! These incredible no-bake oatmeal cookies are packed with amazing flavor, thanks to the addition of nut butter, raisins, and a hint of spice.
Gingerbread Cookies
While many of us may associate gingerbread with the holiday season, gingerbread cookies are fantastic any time of year. All that heavenly spice and the rich sweetness from the molasses take this recipe to the next level.
Christmas (Or Anytime) Cookies
Speaking of the holidays, if you've been looking for the ultimate Christmas cookie recipe that you can enjoy all year, we've got you covered. With a delicious vanilla-almond flavor that'll be a sure-fire hit, these cookies are so much fun to decorate, making them a fantastic baking project all year round.
3-Ingredient Nutella Cookies
This 3-ingredient Nutella cookie recipe might be one of the easiest out there. Pop the ingredients in a bowl, mix, form the cookies, and bake. You'll have phenomenal tasting cookies in less than half an hour.