the exterior of a costco


5 Things Costco Doesn't Tell You About Free Samples
Free samples are synonymous with Costco, and a favorite for many. You may not give them much thought when making your rounds, but there’s plenty that the chain doesn't tell you.
1. Distributors
The people giving the samples are not Costco employees; a distribution company hires them. Ask a Costco worker for help when navigating the store.
2. Choices
Costco doesn't decide what samples are offered; they are supplier requests to the distribution company. They want to have their product sampled to boost sales.
3. Eating
You can return to the sample cart for more but don’t take more than a couple at a time. Demonstrators are there to move products and need to interact with all customers.
4. Profit
Even though these food samples are free to customers, they're major money-makers for Costco. Per Supermarket News, data shows they can boost sales by 2000%.
5. Timing
Weekdays aren't nearly as busy, but fewer samples will likely be available. Weekends between 1 and 2 p.m. is prime time for demonstrators.