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6 Best And 6 Worst Grocery Stores To Buy Cakes
Best Overall
Safeway offers everything from traditional birthday-style sheet cakes to decadent triple chocolate cakes to several single-slice options. Their regular- and party-sized cakes are consistently beautiful, moist, affordable, and can be customized in terms of styles, flavors, fillings, and frostings.
Worst Frosting
Walmart's cakes are inexpensive, but their frosting is way too sweet. Reviews for the Unicorn Swirled Pink and Teal Vanilla Cake gave it three out of five stars, mainly because of the horrible frosting and too-sweetness of the final product, with one reviewer even saying the frosting "Feels like plain lard."
Best Birthday Cakes
SuperTarget offers a lot of licensed character cakes at a fair price, making them ideal for your kid’s themed birthday party. These cakes have also been praised for their flavor, and since Target cake decorators have a degree of creative freedom, you can get even the most niche character onto your cake.
Worst Tasting Cake
Walmart shoppers have said that the Double Layer Vanilla Cake with Vanilla Icing has such an off-putting flavor they threw most of it away. Reviewers gave this cake an average of 2.4 stars, with comments saying it tasted like baking soda, was essentially tasteless, had a bitter aftertaste, or was much too dry.
Best Sheet Cakes
Costco's sheet cakes are inexpensive and delicious — two qualities that are quite possible to achieve in one cake, despite what your local, overpriced bakery might say. One Redditor said their wedding cake was from Costco and was praised by all, adding, "Little do the[y] know how cheap it was."
Sloppiest Cakes
Lucky gets the prize for the sloppiest cake, as it has the most complaints about careless, not-exactly-made-with-love cake designs. Yelp reviewers said their cakes were "falling apart and poorly decorated," and one said she got "the worst cake writing I've ever received […] it has the writing of a child."