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A Costco Shopper Couldn't
Believe This Controversial Strawberry 'Hack'
Supermarkets are full of people who use sketchy means to pick the best produce available, and not all of them are socially acceptable or even sanitary tactics. In September 2022, one Costco shopper witnessed an awful strawberry hack that compelled the user to share their experience on Reddit.
The Redditor revealed on the r/Costco subreddit that they saw a woman open multiple packs of strawberries to “assemble a best of, and trade the unwanted strawberries back to a dozen packs” at their nearby Costco. Another user was aghast at this unrefined conduct, and exclaimed, “Animals!”
However, one user stated that they empathized with the mix-and-match approach because they’ve been burned before by faulty products. Another user shared the even worse experience of witnessing a man at a Meijer's in Michigan taking strawberries and "eating them out of a container, and he [...] spit them out onto the ice they were stored on."