A burger, fries, and drink from McDonald's on a white background.

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A Couple Ordered A Massive McDonald's Order For Their Wedding
And TikTok
Isn't Happy
Recently, a McDonald's employee took to TikTok to share the details of an order two newlyweds placed for their wedding. The order consisted of over 30 Chicken McNuggets, two Big Macs, a few bundle meals, five McChickens, several other items, and cost $97.43, which led to a variety of responses on TikTok.
The employee states in the video that there's nothing wrong with wanting McDonald's for your wedding, but the problem was that the order was placed via the drive-thru window, so the crew had to prepare all the items on the spot. "It was a lot of work, let me tell you. It was a lot of food," he said.
Some TikTok users enjoyed the idea, saying "I love thissss," and "Thats the best wedding ever!" Others weren't as impressed — one user said, "I'm sorry in a drive through ... that's a full cater order," another added, "I would've quit rii then & THERE," and one commented that the employees deserved a raise for their hard work.