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A Fall Pie Just Found Its Way Back To Costco Shelves
It’s almost fall, and already you can get Starbucks’ pumpkin spice lattes, Krispy Kreme pumpkin spice donuts, and apple cider donuts at Trader Joe’s. Fall is the season for cozy flavors, and while pumpkin spice might rule the day, Costco has just brought back a savory seasonal pie that has shoppers rushing to stores.
Costco has officially brought back its savory chicken pot pie for the fall season, and customers are raving about it on social media. @costcohotfinds says, “This is about 5.5 lbs and it’s delicious! Perfect for an easy meal. Just pop it in the oven,” while other users have agreed that it’s one of their most-anticipated fall foods.
The pie isn’t as popular with others, who find it overly salty, but it’s still a well-received item. Some customers have taken to social media to share hacks for elevating the pie, like adding some parsley, giving it an egg wash, or brushing it with butter for an extra golden appearance.