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A Jack In The Box Classic Menu Item Is Back


Back in the spring of 2020, Jack in the Box introduced its popcorn chicken as a limited-edition menu item. The extremely popular item featured crispy white meat chicken and was available in original and spicy (with a hot buffalo breading).

Unfortunately for customers, popcorn chicken was removed from the menu shortly after, but it became a cult classic and reappeared briefly in April of 2021. Per Jack in the Box’s Twitter, popcorn chicken is back on the menu again, and needless to say, fans are excited.

The chicken bites are back for a limited time, and customers can purchase them as a standalone entree or as part of a meal deal. The 50/50 with both flavors of chicken, fries, and a beverage goes for $5.99, and a Big Box with dipping sauce and a Dr. Pepper goes for $2 more.

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