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A Massive Meat Haul Has Shoppers Praising Costco

Costco is known for its no-frills warehouse and discounts on bulk-sized items, and the lack of flashy displays means the store can pass the savings on to the customers. One thing many shoppers flock to Costco for is their meat section, which features a myriad of different cuts sold in affordable multi-packs.

Recently, one Redditor posted a picture of a Costco shopping cart full nearly to the brim with various types of red meat — from ground beef to different steak cuts. The Redditor also mentioned that they had started shopping at Costco six months ago and never looked back.

The post has earned praise from many fellow Costco fans, who agreed the store’s meat prices couldn’t be beat. One commenter, who claimed to work as a meat cutter at an "upscale grocery store," further cemented it by saying that the Costco variety of rib eye is $10 less than at their store.