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A Redditor's Striking Observation About Costco's Food Court Pizzas
A Redditor had a startling realization when they glanced at the Costco food court menu and saw that a slice of plain cheese pizza had a whopping 60 calories more than a slice of pepperoni. As shocking as this news may be, it isn’t the first time Reddit has noticed this about Costco’s cheese pizza.
Per a Reddit thread from six years ago, the reason behind the cheese pizza's higher calorie count is, well, the cheese. Fans speculate that Costco’s pepperoni pizza contains 14 oz cheese, while the cheese pizza has a massive 26 oz in comparison to make up for the lack of other toppings.
This difference isn’t exclusive to Costco, though — on a separate thread, a former pizza place employee said, “cheese has most of the fat and calories, pepperoni has some but is more protein and sodium.” Cheese, it seems, has twice as many calories as carbs or proteins do per gram.