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A Restaurant Owner Responded In The Best Way To An Employee's Harassment
It’s a known fact that restaurant employees don’t usually find the support of the restaurant owners or managers when they’re ill-treated and wronged by the customers. Thankfully, this wasn’t the case for 22-year-old Lily, a server at the Cardiff restaurant Cora, when a group of customers acted rudely and inappropriately toward her.
When the group treated Lily poorly and also failed to tip on their £1000 bill ($1,350 U.S.), head chef and owner Lee Skeet took prompt action. Skeet had initially intended to refund their money, minus £100 for gratuity, but following “conversations with [Lily] that break [his] heart,” he decided to email the group concerning their behavior.
Skeet confronted the group over how Lily was “talked down to, disrespected, and touched unwantedly” before thanking them for never returning to the restaurant again. Skeet gave the entire £1000 to Lily and also praised her “class and integrity” in handling the situation in an Instagram post that has since gone viral.