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A Subway Favorite Might Just Be On Its Way Back

Subway is best known for its made-to-order sandwiches, as well as a few signature subs that can be ordered as-is. However, as of summer 2022, the sandwich chain could be bringing back a menu option that's a little less customizable, but far more intriguing than the average sub — we're talking about Subway pizza.

On August 24, 2022, a user on the r/subway subreddit who claims to work at a store location posted a picture of a box of frozen pizza bases, labeled "Subway – Round Cheese Pizza". "Yay, my location got these back!" wrote the OP, u/help738383883, prompting plenty of discussion by other users in the thread.

"My location hasn't sold them in 5 years and we still get people asking for them," one user commented, while other Subway employees lamented over the time it takes to cook the pizzas. Still, an excited customer wrote, "Subway pizzas secretly slap, ask for a dusting of parmesan cheese when it comes out of [the] toaster. Game changer!"

Other Redditors added that customers can ask for toppings from the salad bar to put on their pizza, and Twitter user TheDerpyKat actually obtained one at their Subway location, writing, "I was just at a Subway and I saw it and I had to get it (it was 6 dollars)." They rated it 7/10, for a pizza from a sandwich shop.