Egg on a BLT sandwich


A Tomato Slice Is The Completely Edible Egg Ring For Breakfast Sandwiches
If you want a healthy but simple breakfast, the tomato egg ring has you covered. They are the cousins of egg bites, with just as much versatility and ease of preparation.
First, slice a fresh tomato and remove its gooey inside, leaving the tough outer skin in a ring shape. Then transfer the gooey insides to a mixing bowl and crack an egg.
Add 1 tablespoon of flour and other ingredients like herbs, veggies, and seasonings, before pouring the mixture into the tomato rings on a stove and cooking the egg.
Once the rings are cooked, add them to a breakfast sandwich along with proteins and other ingredients you like. For the tomato filling, add egg, shredded cheese, salt, and pepper.
For a twist, add bacon to the sandwich. For something lighter, use egg whites with bell peppers, red onions, salt, and pepper paired with arugula and olive oil on an English muffin.
Some tips to consider are using a ripe tomato so it’s not too squishy, not skipping out on the tablespoon of flour, and ensuring the egg is fully cooked on both sides.