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A Viral Chick-Fil-A TikTok Proves An Unofficial Fast-Food Rule
As seen in a viral TikTok video uploaded by @trizzyxdz, Chick-fil-A has angered two customers after the staff at one of its restaurants refused to let them pick up a meal they had ordered. "They closed the door on our faces," the woman in the clip alleged, and both customers claimed to have arrived before the store closed at night.
To add insult to injury, the video shows a Chick-fil-A worker picking up bags and drinks from a table that the customers believe were destined for them. "All he had to do was hand us the food," one customer exclaimed before watching the worker dispose of the order by "throwing it in the garbage" while other servers laughed.
Chick-fil-A does set some tight rules for its employees, but it doesn't appear to publicize any rule about refusing to provide orders to its late customers. TikTok users showed mixed feelings, as some criticized the employees' actions, while some argued that the customers should have arrived sooner. Others said that the doors should remain shut for security reasons.
A follow-up video revealed that the customers were refunded, but the store's manager "didn't care" about their complaints. Chick-fil-A makes it clear that it is down to individual restaurants to decide on refunds, suggesting that the decision not to serve them could have been independent of the whole chain.