chocolate layered cake


Add Booze To Your Bête Noire Chocolate Cake For More Complex Flavor
Bête noire, or "black beast," is a French-style dessert with a texture similar to cheesecake or mousse. The cake is typically topped with a smooth chocolate ganache.
Adding bourbon to bête noire will infuse it with nutty undertones of vanilla. A dash of bitters can level it up even more, imparting the flavors of an old-fashioned into the recipe.
Bakers who have mastered the black beast stress the importance of using a spatula to avoid mixing too much air, something to keep in mind when adding alcohol.
With 35% of the alcohol in the cake after baking, bête noire is very dense and should chill in the fridge overnight to allow the bourbon to bloom even more to accentuate the flavors.