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Aldi Anxiety: It's Real And You're Not Alone

Shopping carts at Aldi aren’t free to use, at least while you’re shopping. They’re chained to each other and cost a quarter to unhook, but you get your quarter back when you’re done, as long as you return your cart.

The Deal with the Carts

Aldi’s lack of product displays and organization in product placement can be frustrating. In addition to that, Aldi has mostly generic versions of products, with a few brand names you won’t recognize, so finding products you like will require some experimentation.

Shopping List

The fast speed of the checkers is part of the reason why Aldi is able to keep its prices super low. However, even the most skilled Aldi shoppers experience anxiety at the checkout counters, with customers across the UK and Australia complaining about the same.

Fast Checkers

Aldi is one store that doesn’t give away free grocery bags, and most of us tend to forget to carry a reusable bag. In such a situation, your options are to either take your cartful of rolling groceries straight to your car, or go buy some Aldi bags at 10 cents apiece.

The Deal with the Bags

Aldi Reviewer recommends customers not give up on Aldi, as its weekly limited-time products, Special Buys, and German Week are worth the initial learning curve. Ask friends who are Aldi veterans to show you the ropes, or plan a trip just to learn the layout of the store.

Baby Steps

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