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Shoppers Are Disappointed Over A Hard-To-Find
Fan Favorite
Mama Cozzi’s frozen French bread pizza was a major fan-favorite among Aldi shoppers, but the sudden disappearance of this item has left many shoppers upset. One disappointed user took to Reddit to explain, “I haven't seen them in my area for the past few months ... I need them back."
Many Aldi fans on Reddit quickly agreed and noted that the particular item had suddenly become scarce in their local stores as well. While one user speculated that they might be a seasonal item, another informed fans that it was a “Consistent product for the last 4/5 years, and they are also missing from ours," expressing their disappointment.
Ongoing supply chain disruption and inflation have emptied many other items in multiple chains, impacting products in just about every section of grocery stores. While Aldi didn’t confirm that supply chain issues led to the disappearance of the frozen pizza, it seems unlikely these ongoing issues have helped the matter.