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Aldi Vs Walmart: Which Grocery Store Is More Affordable?

For many, Walmart is synonymous with low-cost living, offering the lowest prices around on everything from baking soda to bicycles (per Britannica). When it comes to grocery prices, grocery chain Aldi has been giving Walmart a run for its money.

Aldi grocery stores keep prices low the same way its cousin brand, Trader Joe's. According to Aldi's website, 90% of what they offer are "Aldi exclusive brands," and they have kept the prices down by cutting marketing and advertising costs and having built-in wide-range quality control.

While Aldi's prices for goods like bacon, ground beef, and dairy change due to fluctuating market prices, Walmart can afford to hold these costs low and steady. Still, Aldi has maintained lower prices in cereals, pantry staples, and frozen foods, with some prices as much as 50% below its competitor.