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Alex Guarnaschelli Confirms What We Suspected About Chopped Contestants

Alex Guarnaschelli, a judge on “Chopped,” recently defended the show’s “pressure cooker” formula when some fans pointed out “drawbacks,” like one fryer between contestants. Guarnaschelli said “the goal is to showcase the work under pressure of up-and-coming chefs.”

In a 2014 interview, former “Chopped” contestant Sequoia Pranger revealed that contestants, crew, and judges spend 12 hours on set everyday. Guarnaschelli confirmed the arduous process in a March 2015 Reddit AMA, calling it emotional for everyone involved.

The application process for “Chopped” is just as strenuous, with questions about cooking experience, “style of cooking and approach to food.” The numerous questions and lengthy interviews, however, are certainly worth it for the contestants, especially those who win.

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