Rotisserie chickens cooking
Rotisserie chickens in uncovered plastic containers


Apparently, There's A Way To Grab An Extra Half Of Rotisserie Chicken At Costco
Costco is home to many food items with cult followings and one of them is their rotisserie chickens. For years, this meal has sold for $4.99, but there’s a way to get more chicken.
With the popularity of the chicken, people have come up with tips and hacks. One points out how you can get a chicken and a half for only a dollar more at $5.99.
These particular rotisserie chickens are a day old and are sold cold rather than hot and fresh, but it’s still perfectly good and can be reheated and used in other recipes.
You can eat the rotisserie chicken as is, but you can use it to shorten prep time in a pulled chicken recipe or use bits of chicken in soups, quesadillas, and salads.