Charcuterie Christmas tree


Appetizer Trees Are The Best Way To Spread Holiday Cheer
The holiday season is a fun time to turn a charcuterie board into a Christmas tree-shaped masterpiece. Kick that up a notch and make yours a three-dimensional centerpiece.
Take a white Styrofoam tree cone from a craft store, wrap it in tin foil, and cover it in sliced meats and cubes of cheese, fruits, and veggies, secured with toothpicks.
The bite-sized treats can be sweet, savory, or both. Deck it out with evenly spaced, patterned rows of spiraling food, or aimlessly cover the tree with the items.
Make a savory tree with classic charcuterie items like prosciutto, salami, and olives. Opt for a sweeter version featuring berries, dried fruit, and marshmallows.
When selecting cheeses, choose varieties like cheddar, gouda, Monterrey, or pepper jack that can withstand being suspended on toothpicks.