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Are Herr's Chips From The Office Real?
Herr’s Chips are often seen in “The Office’s” vending machines, and they also featured prominently in the episode "Grief Counseling," where Karen ropes Jim into a wild goose chase for Herr's Salt and Vinegar chips. As it turns out, Herr’s Chips is a real brand based in Pennsylvania.
Since opening its first plant in 1951 in Nottingham, PA — just over two-hours away from Scranton — Herr’s has been producing everything from chips to pork rinds. Herr’s was also the first brand to introduce its barbecue seasoned chips in the U.S. in 1958, long before Frito-Lays.
Herr's Potato Chips are sold nationwide, allowing “The Office" to stock their vending machines full of one of Pennsylvania's most popular snacks. Guests can tour the Herr’s factory for free, watch chips and pretzels be made, and even get some chips fresh off the production line.