A Jersey Mike's storefront


Beware Of These 10 Shady Things On The Jersey Mike's Menu
Stale Bread
According to a handful of Jersey Mike's employee admissions across the internet, it's not uncommon to reach for day-old rolls when constructing hot sandwiches.
While Jersey Mike claims to use olive oil to add depth and flavor to sandwiches, one employee claimed on Reddit that it's "75% soybean oil" and "25% olive seed oil."
Salami & Cheese
Despite not being on the menu, you can still order a salami and cheese sandwich. However, due to lack of guidelines, this off-menu item can vary greatly.
Chipotle Chicken
Jersey Mike's Chipotle Chicken Cheese Steak sub is a top pick as far as many customers. However, adding a few too many peppers can change the entire taste.
Gluten Free Subs
Some employees and customers claim the gluten-free bread isn't properly separated from other types. Others say it can't stand up to ample fillings and sauces.