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Biscochitos Are New Mexican Shortbread Cookies Perfect For Holidays
One of New Mexico's favorite Christmas cookies is the aromatic biscochito, a zesty sugar cookie infused with hints of licorice from anise seeds, a distinctly warm spice.
Introduced by Spanish immigrants in the 16th century, this holiday baking tradition holds special significance for many New Mexicans and imparts a deep sense of cultural identity.
Albuquerque city council member Vanessa Baca said, "Biscochitos have a far deeper significance than being just sweet treats. They represent family roots."
Baca says that you'd be hard-pressed to meet a New Mexican family that doesn't have their own recipe, which almost always includes lard for its specific taste and delicate texture.
Biscochitos are made from simple ingredients — flour, salt, egg yolks, baking powder — and more specific additions like cinnamon sugar, lard, and anise seeds.
The consistency of this cookie is similar to pie crust dough, which is then rolled out and cut into cute shapes before baking. Once out of the oven, more cinnamon sugar is added.
Vanilla and orange zest are also included in some biscochito recipes for added complexity. Depending on the region of New Mexico, you may even find some boozy variations.