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Bobby Flay's Secret Hack For Perfect Pickled Onions
In September 2022, chef Bobby Flay talked about the tartness, sweetness, and crunch that pickled onions bring to a dish in a short video clip on Twitter. He also shared his secret ingredient for making the perfect pickled onions — and here’s the surprising item that will revolutionize your onions.
According to Flay, grenadine works perfectly in pickled onions because first, it adds some sweetness, which is needed to balance the tartness of the vinegar in the mixture. Second, the grenadine also gives the pickling mixture and pickled onions that signature reddish-pink tint that makes them so distinct.
Food blog Eat The Bite prepared Flay’s pickled onion recipe with just enough grenadine to add sweetness and color without being overpowering. One commenter who followed the recipe was amazed, saying that the pickled onions, “turned out so delicious that I want to put it on everything!”