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Bobby Flay's Super-Intense Ritual Before Every Beat Bobby Flay Episode
Bobby Flay fans love his energetic on-screen personality in each of his shows, but the celebrity chef’s charismatic energy on the “Beat Bobby Flay” set is usually unmatched. A job that requires long hours of standing and constant stimulation can cause exhaustion, but Flay knows how to energize himself to get through those long hours on set.
According to an Instagram video, in which Flay shared his daily schedule when filming, his morning routine includes waking before the sun rises and running 3.5 miles. As he puts it, “Running is the way I get my body going.” He also shared some tidbits like feeding his cats and driving to work and divulged that he eats “a lot of soup” during the day.
Instagrammers responded positively to the video, with one saying, “That is a lot of dedication!” and another adding, “Your energy was unmatched that's for sure.” With a schedule of filming “10 shows a week for 4 weeks,” developing a healthy method to boost energy is necessary. Flay began eating healthier and running five times weekly when he realized his health was being ignored.