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Bourdain Called This Tool The Backbone Of Pretentious Food Presentation

It goes without saying that best-selling author, television host, and celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain holds a special place in the hearts, minds, and imaginations of the American public. His pursuit and exploration of world cuisines inspired and reminded us of the way that food unites and binds us.

A reluctant celebrity with an often sardonic yet poignantly honest opinion, Bourdain's likes, dislikes, and recommendations are still viewed by many as gospel. In an article with Jaquo, Bourdain shared his five essential kitchen tools, calling one "the backbone of pretentious food presentation.”

This tool was none other than the humble metal cooking ring. Cooking rings are molds that are essential for stacking and shaping food on a plate, traditionally used to set main courses, like meat and fish, on potatoes or rice.

Bourdain recommended that home chefs not buy cooking rings, suggesting instead that they cut a PVC pipe about two inches high to imitate the gadget. This was just one of many ways in which Bourdain thought outside the box and demystified fine dining for everyone.

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