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the Braaibroodjie sandwich cut in half


Braaibroodjie: The Grilled Cheese-Like Sandwich With Way More Flavor
The braaibroodjie, a South African specialty, combines the elements of barbecue, known as braai, and a sandwich, derived from the Dutch word broodjie.
Like American grilled cheese, it uses white bread and cheddar but also has tomatoes, onions, and chutney. To cook the sandwich, it must be grilled, not griddled.
The process is often done over coals alongside the rest of the braai meats. The outside of the braaibroodjie is buttered, sealed in a grill basket, and then rotated over coals.
These sandwiches are often enjoyed outdoors and boast unique flavors due to local woods, like the slow-burning kameeldoring and wingerd, which impart a great aroma.
While traditionally made with cheese, tomatoes, onions, and chutney, braaibroodjie’s flavor is enhanced when grilled over fire, making them versatile for all kinds of ingredients.