Toast popping out of a toaster


Brown Sugar Is The Secret Ingredient For An Excellent Piece Of Buttered Toast
Instead of loads of fancy toppings, just a bit of softened butter and brown sugar in a pan can transform ordinary toast into a crispy, caramelized delight.
When the brown sugar is introduced to high heat, the molecules begin to oxidize. This caramelization imbues the toast with a nutty, toasted flavor and a light crunchy coating.
Use soft and sweet bread like shokupan or alternatives such as brioche or challah. Coat it in a mix of butter and sugar, and add in cinnamon or pumpkin spice for extra flavor.
You’ll be left with a crispy, golden-brown sugar coating. Enjoy your breakfast with a cup of coffee, or elevate it with toppings like berries, whipped cream, or pumpkin butter.