Pile of Bundt pans.


Bundt Cake Pans Make Excellent Fall Decorations
Many are gearing up for fall, including lifestyle TikToker @herfragrantoffering, who showed her followers how to turn two Bundt pans into festive autumn centerpieces.
In the video, the user filled an upside-down Bundt pan with a nest of fake straw and added a selection of miniature pumpkin and pinecone decorations.
The second Bundt pan craft involved filling the middle of the pan with a small piece of wood and plastic leaves fashioned to make the pan resemble a pumpkin.
While this design could be used for the entire fall season, a Bundt pan can also be painted orange and black to resemble a Jack-o-Lantern for Halloween get-togethers.
Blogger Homemade Heather also shared how to make a wreath by painting a Bundt pan orange, hot gluing fake flowers to a burlap ribbon, and using burlap to create a loop for hanging.