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Burger King Is Launching New Buns, But There's A Catch
When one Redditor asked, "Who's got the best buns/bread in fast food?" most users said it was Arby's onion buns. Delish, however, crowned Pepperidge Farm as the best classic burger bun, Martin's as the top potato-based version, and Arnold's as the preferred sesame seed variety. That said, Burger King’s new “everything” bun is bound to whet a few appetites as well.
If you're a fan of the everything bagel, you’ll likely love this new item, which TheStreet described as "a toasted brioche bun topped with everything seasoning." In case you’re wondering what the "everything" flavor includes, the everything bagel seasoning typically consists of seeds like poppy, sesame, and caraway, the requisite dehydrated onion, and some garlic.
However, there is a catch — available on the Everything Whopper, Everything BK Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich, and the Everything Breakfast Sandwich, the new bun will begin testing solely in Huntsville, Alabama and Albuquerque, New Mexico, starting September 12, 2022. If these two communities embrace this new bun, it may head to your neighborhood Burger King too.