a bowl of scrambled eggs on a white plate with herbs


Canned Ingredients That Give Scrambled Eggs A Serious Upgrade
Canned tomatoes give your eggs a bright and tangy flavor. Drain the can of diced tomatoes, then cook them in a pan alongside any onions or peppers.
Green Chilies
Adding canned green chilies gives a subtle spice without being overpowering. Keep the other ingredients in your dish minimal if you want the green chilies to shine.
Drain the can and add the chilies to a pan of cooked onions. Whisk the eggs with the desired seasonings and pour over the chilies and onion.
Black Beans
If you’re a Tex-Mex fan, you’ll love black beans with eggs. Cook the eggs with additional ingredients like tomatoes and green onions, then add the drained beans.
Evaporated Milk
Adding evaporated milk makes your eggs fluffy and delicious. Use about ¼ cups of milk for half a dozen eggs, and add about ¼ teaspoon of salt and a dash of pepper.
Canned peas are already soft, so simply mix them in with herb-flavored soft cheese and shallots for a savory flavor. In a pan, sauteé the peas and onions, then add the eggs.