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Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza Chains Ranked From Worst To Best
16. Manhattan Chicago Pizza
According to some diners on Yelp, Manhattan Chicago Pizza falls short of greatness on some crucial issues. While one diner chimed in to criticize the lack of filling inside of the crust, another straight up said this place made "the worst pizza" she'd ever had.
15. Beggars Pizza
One disappointed Beggars Pizza patron, who had ordered two different pies shared her dismay on Yelp, where she described the pizza as “a mess”. She indicated that the pizza was overbaked and was like "chewing through a very tough steak."
14. Edwardo's Natural Pizza
Online critics believe that it's best to lower your expectations a bit before eating at Edwardo's. While one diner compared the food to a frozen pizza that you could buy at a grocery store on Yelp, another warned that the sauce recipe has changed over time and is too spicy now.
13. PizzaPapalis
While PizzaPapalis can put together some tasty pies, sometimes it drops the ball. One patron on Yelp warned everyone that what the restaurant makes "is not a Chicago style pizza." The Yelper goes on to explain that overall, the pizza is overpriced and bland.
12. Pizzeria Pezzo
One noticeable issue at Pizzeria Pezzo is the distribution of toppings. One Yelper supposedly ordered a deep-dish pizza with extra sausage from Pizzeria Pezzo and was disappointed to find one measly piece of sausage per slice.